Brooks Brothers Highland Heritage Line 2013 (X)

" Tartan dates back to fourth century AD in Scotland, where each region had its own respective pattern. Even the most well known tartans—such as Black Watch or Buchanan—were based far more on location than clan lineage. Before the 16th century, a man’s Highland dress consisted of a shirt and large swath of plaid that went over one shoulder and was belted around the waist. At night clansmen could remove the tartan to sleep in, or use as camouflage while crouching down in the moors. It would suffice to say that these tartans became literal symbols of home, especially when they journeyed hundreds of miles away to protect it. After the Scots’ crushing defeat by the British, the Proscription Act of 1746 banned tartan for 37 years in Highland dress because it stood as a symbol of national pride. The act merely served as a catalyst to motivate the Scots to trace their familial history back to their original clans, locations and associated tartans…(X) ”